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Three Luxe Nine Interiors

Founder and Principal Designer at Three Luxe Nine Interiors

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As owner and creative director of Three Luxe Nine Interiors, I believe that it is my purpose to provide opportunities for others to experience the positive psychological effects of an intentionally well-designed home. I’ve experienced this myself. With years of experience designing and decorating both homes and events, I know that the key to well executed style is thoughtful detail and careful tailoring. I have a deep appreciation for intentional living and surrounding myself with people and spaces that inspire me, all of which contributed to me starting Three Luxe Nine Interiors. I naturally lead with a quiet assurance in my work, valuing the understanding of client needs and desires above all. While I am inspired by designers of varying styles, my personal style incorporates casual glam with transitional edge. What does that mean exactly? Well, I have a huge heart for traditional and classic glamour, but I also love to throw a curve ball and mix things up. I absolutely adore the contrast of a feminine-masculine style mix and live for a really great navy blue. My eye is often drawn to Art Deco patterns and classic leopard prints (a little never hurt anyone!). Mix that all together and you get my personal style. It is my goal to breathe inspiring and meaningful living into all of our work. Providing you with a beautiful, functional, positive, mood- supporting forever home are our core values.

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"“Brandi was amazing to work with. She helped pick colors for the inside of my house and took a lot of time walking around the space, getting to know my style, and the tone I was looking for in the house. She quickly understood that I was hesitant to go with bold colors, but that I didn’t want to be super bland. She spent time carefully selecting options for each room and guiding my choices." "

~ R. Rakos

"“From the moment I looked at Three Luxe Nine’s Instagram page, I knew that Brandi would be the one to bring my design vision to life for the main level of my home. It’s amazing how she was able to bring my vision to life just from questions I answered on her decorating questionnaire. ”"

~ L. Taylor

"“Brandi is an excellent designer! She is so thoughtful in all that she does; she helped us turn our house into a home. From the beginning to the end she was so helpful. I am so impressed by her process and the details at every stage."

~ N. Grant