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IT ALL STARTED WHEN… I was a young girl and decided to move around the furniture in my room. And It didn’t stop there. My mom allowed me to rip up the old, worn, and very green carpet, and paint the walls Caribbean colors. The fuse was lit, and exploring paint colors whenever we went to the home store became a habit that continues to this day. I began exploring more with decorating and creating pieces that fit my personal style and personality. After I married my husband, I began working my magic on our first home together and creating a calm and collected interior style. Two kids later, we moved and then it really clicked as I painted the front door on our new (to us) home, coffee in hand. I felt myself come alive. I really needed the outlet to feel like I had something else going on in my life other than caring for our children and making dinner. I love my kids dearly, but I desperately needed an outlet as well. After suffering with PPD/PPA after the birth of my daughter, it was even more necessary after the birth of my son. We decided that it was time to pursue my passion into my real life jam. I spend nap times and bed times happily creating and finishing various projects around our house to make it a home that speaks to us. These days I’m a little bit Bohemian and modern with eclectic tastes and an appreciation for old charm and coastal decor. My goal remains the same: bringing together style and function on a budget that is personalized to fit your life.

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"“I called Catherine with an S.O.S. to help me with redesigning our home space because we were working on selling our house. I am a working mom who was feeling overwhelmed with the entire process! I emailed Catherine and got a quick response about setting up a meeting to figure out how she could help. She is a great listener and was very sensitive to our personal style and taste. She checks in to see how everything is going as far as the goals you decide. Would not hesitate to work with Catherine again!!"

~ Aileen

"I really love the new look of our family room. It is updated, inviting, relaxing and peaceful. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into this project. You helped me achieve my vision for this room and brought it all together. I hope to work with you again in the future. It was fun, sometimes frustrating and a challenge, but I am wowed by the results! Thank you!”"

~ Michelle

"I found Catherine when I was in a state of complete overwhelm. I was trying to create a color palette for my new home and I wanted something fairly bold, but there was no information out there I could find on my own. Catherine took me through a process that made it seem easy and calmed me down right away. Her patience, knowledge, quick response time, and ability to really listen created a wonderful color palette that we are very happy with. It was a pleasure to work with her. Thanks Catherine!"

~ Savannah S.

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