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Diploma of Interior Design from Interior Design Institute


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  • New Construction
  • Virtual Staging

-Design Styles

  • Bohemian
  • Eclectic
  • Holistic
  • Industrial
  • Mid Century Modern
  • Modern
  • Modern Farmhouse
  • Rustic
  • Urban Modern


  • Apartments
  • Dining Room
  • Flex Space
  • Guest rooms
  • Home office
  • Kids rooms
  • Living Rooms
  • Master Bedroom
  • Nursery
  • Open concepts
  • Small spaces
  • Teen rooms

Designer to Designer:

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  • Rendering
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Hey! I'm Kellee! Nice to meet you! Listen.....I get’re busy, your schedule is packed, you have a hundred things going on at the same time and you manage all of the craziness of your household. You sit in your kitchen enjoying a morning cup of coffee as your eyes slowly drift over your home. It looks seriously lived in, kind of chaotic, and definitely cluttered. It’s a mix and match of furniture and décor that you’ve purchased through the years, and while it’s served its purpose, none of it really works together. You feel a bit embarrassed when it’s time to have friends and family over. You might even skip hosting an event at your house because you don’t want people to see how crazy your house really looks on the inside. It’s frustrating, right? You feel like you should be able to decorate your own house. You’ve probably bought courses and books and spent countless hours on Pinterest trying to find ideas to inspire you, but when you try it on your own, it doesn’t look like the inspiration picture. Ugh, another Pinterest fail. In the end, it’s all too complicated and you’re just too damn busy for complicated. Maybe you’ve thought about hiring a designer at times, but then you thought to yourself, I don’t really know what I want or how to explain what I want, so how am I going to explain it to someone? Seriously, what if I spend the money and it doesn’t turn out the way I see it in my head? And I know you think to yourself, why can’t my house look like Sarah’s house? You know Sarah, we all have a Sarah. You know the one I’m talking about. The one who has the perfectly put together, organized, model home inspired, Pinterest-worthy house that looks like it was professionally put together and styled. Man, you’d love to have piece of that. Well you can. I understand you. What you’d like…no, what you’d love, is a house that is put together, professionally styled that still feels like you…like home. At the end of the day, what is important to you is family, friends and being able to gather, spending time together. What you’d love is a gorgeous home that would allow you to do that. What if I told you that I can help you achieve all of that? What if it was as simple as walking through what you like, your taste and lifestyle and then putting together a design plan for you to approve? Now let’s get real for a moment. Does the cost of hiring an interior designer make you a little nervous? Well, let me tell you, as an eDesigner, I do exactly the same thing as a local interior designer, but do it through an online platform at a fraction of the cost of having a designer come to your home and you can do it in your pajamas, from the comfort of your couch. Like for real, for real! How do I know all of this? I used to be you! Listen, way before I was an interior designer when my kids were little, I was obsessed with all of the DIY and home improvement shows Trading Spaces and HGTV (am I dating myself?!) and I had a list a mile long of all of these projects that I wanted to do in my house to make it look magazine perfect. Somehow in my mind, I thought I had this thing called “spare time” to do all of these projects! But in the end, what I ended up with was a long list with a bunch projects that were started and never finished, but most of them stayed on the project list never to become a reality. The problem was that as a mom of two young kids, who also worked outside the home…I led an insanely busy life! So, the only way I could get any of those projects off of my list and into reality was to hire someone to do it. And it sucked, because I felt like I should’ve been able to do it on my own. Listen, the struggle is real! One last unique, creative process is much more than just pretty furniture and fluffy pillows. I take into account the whole person, how you and your family live, what kind of mood and energy you want in that space and more. Rest assured, I am able to take your vision and breathe life into it. My design know how mixed with your design tastes and lifestyle will create a space that's perfect for you. Do it now! Create that gorgeous room you’ve dreamed of. You’ll be so excited you finally did it. Welcome friends and family into your newly transformed space that reflects who you are. And give ole Sarah a run for her money! And in the spirit of keeping it real since we're just two friends talking....I'm obsessed with Brussel sprouts. They're awesome. Don't hate.

What's your modern home decor personality? Are you the artsy Modern Eclectic, the conscious Modern Organic, the wordly Modern Boho or the warm Modern Industrial? Get your results now and get inspired!

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Dining Room

Flex Space

Guest rooms

Home office

Kids rooms

Living Rooms

Master Bedroom


Open concepts

Small spaces

Teen rooms






Mid Century Modern


Modern Farmhouse


Urban Modern


"I had never tried e-design before so I wasn't sure what to expect. Kellee talked me through the process so I knew what to expect and how the process would work. She was able to completely nail the design and our room went from a junk room to a gorgeous living room that we are proud of.  She's soooo good at what she does!! Kellee communicates all the way through the process so you never feel like you're out of the loop. "

~ - Tonya R.

"Kellee is a fantastic planner! Whether she’s helping you get organized or using her interior decorating skills, she’s very visual and detail-oriented, and that attention to detail is everything. So worth every penny!"

~ – Lorena G.

"When I hired Kellee to help me redesign my family room, I came with nothing but a Pinterest picture!  I'm not good at decorating and putting color schemes together, so I knew I needed help.  Kellee was patient, funny, so talented and a lot of fun to work with.  She really listened to what I needed and was able to translate that into a room that my family LOVES. I will definitely use her again."

~ - Jenna C.

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